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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Needs Machinery Refresher Training?

The very short answer is everyone using machinery needs refresher training every 3-5 years irrespective of age, experience and qualifications. HSE Guidance also states that operators who ’stand-in‘ occasionally for the regular operator should undertake refreshing training at least every three years. In all other cases, training should be within 5 Years. Click on this link to go to the HSE website regarding refresher training.

To get a quote for your training need just complete the enquiry form stating number of people to be trained and the number and type of machine to be trained on. We will then get back to you with a price within 24 hours.

What happened to Wadkin?

At its peak, Wadkin employed hundreds of engineers and dealt with multiple distributors around the world. Sadly the company closed in 2009. AMS directors Stephen McGloin and Steve Foster were directors at Wadkin, before deciding to go it alone in 2007 (two years before Wadkin went under).

When Wadkin closed they went on to buy the intellectual property rights to Wadkin’s woodworking machines.

Who are your current clients?

We have formed relationships with manufacturers of world renowned machinery and are supporting them both in service and spares.

We currently have contracts with 16 prisons – including on the Isle of Wight, Broadmoor Hospital and Gartree – as well as Harrods, the V&A, Royal School of Ballet, the RSC, even McLaren cars and EastEnders.

Can you rebuild Wadkin Machinery?

We specialise in rebuilds of Wadkin Moulders, Grinders and Classical Machinery. With our expertise, brand new state-of-the-art facilities and testing equipment, our rebuilds offer unrivalled quality by anyone in this industry. All of our rebuilds also come with a full 12 months warranty giving you complete peace of mind when selecting AMS to rebuild your Wadkin Machine. Click here to see some examples of our rebuilds.

Do Advanced Machinery Services only cater for larger production facilities?

No, we are able to provide machinery and spare parts for production facilities and operations of all sizes - from small shops to major manufacturers. No matter what size or type of production facility you operate, we can help you find the right machinery at the right price. As with all our machinery and spare parts, you can guarantee they'll be the highest quaity and will serve you well for years to come!