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Wadkin PBR-HD

Wadkin PBR-HD | Woodworking Machinery Rebuild    


Fitted with a 700mm diameter wheel and a 15 HP motor for deep ripping the PBR-HD can handle most heavy duty workshop applications. The powerfeed unit with infinitely variable speeds of 5-25m/min has spring loaded feed rollers to reduce the need to continually adjust feed unit positioning.

Specification PBR-HD

Diameter of saw wheels 700mm
Maximum cut under saw guide 325mm

Multi roller fence opening                Standard optional


Maximum opening to feed 385mm
Maximum distance to saw body 680mm
Maximum width of blade 76mm
Maximum length of blade 5070mm
Minimum length of blade 4945mm
Table height 885mm
Table size 765x1025mm
Table cant 20 deg.
Height of machine 2.26m
Saw motor speed 50hz 3000rev/min
Feed motor speed 50hz 1500rev/min
Saw motor power 50hz 11Kw
Feed motor power 50hz .75Kw
Speed of saw 1800m/min
Feed speed fully variable 4-25mpm
Dust outlet diameter 125mm
Extraction requirements 800 cfm
Floor space 1100x1300 mm


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