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Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Quantity
1 NN9 Splash guard for Wadkin Silhouette P.O.A
2 NN39 Carriage plate for Wadkin Silhouette P.O.A
3 NN40 Carriage mid plate for Wadkin Silhouette P.O.A
4 NN41 Carriage bearing strip for Wadkin Silhouette £152.00
5 T3005653 Swing bolt M8 X 50 lg X 8 bore for Wadkin Silhouette £23.00
6 K0525144 M5 x 16mm Hex Socket Screw £0.50
7 K0525145 Hex skt capscrew M5 X 20mm for Wadkin Silhouette £0.50
8 K0525514 Hex hd screw M8 X 12mm for Wadkin Machinery £0.95
9 K0528103 Washer M8 - Price Each £0.25
10 K0529145 Plain dowel 8mm X 30mm for Wadkin Visage £0.75
11 K0530320 Handwheel M8 £9.50
12 K0607180 Linear bearing assy. 460 lg for Wadkin Silhouette £524.00
13 K0607181 Linear bearing assy. 820 lg for Wadkin Silhouette £554.00

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