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CP160-260-320 Scoring Saw Adjustment & Swing Assy.

Where available, we have listed below the most common spare parts for your machine to order directly from this page.

If the part you require is not listed below, please note the part from the illustration or open a copy of the Wadkin CP Manual, note the page and reference number of the part your require, and complete the form below.

Also please indicated the Machine Test And Serial Number where ever possible.

Regards the "Wadkin Bursgreen Spares Team"

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
1 CP3629 Scorer Adjustment Yoke P.O.A
2 CP3713 Pivot Plate P.O.A
3 CP3627 Adjusting Knob P.O.A
4 CP3631 Yoke Pivot P.O.A
5 CP3630 Adjusting Pivot P.O.A
6 CP3712 Adjustment Stud P.O.A
7 CP3632 Quill Adjusting Shaft P.O.A
8 CP3255 Lock Handle P.O.A
9 CP3653 Pointer P.O.A
10 CP3714 Adjustment Spindle P.O.A
11 CP3730 Cable Adjuster ( Price Each ) P.O.A
12 CP3640 Adjustment Box P.O.A
13 T6 209 Large Washer P.O.A
14 K5127195 Lever Arm £12.00
15 K0531562 Bronze Bush 16 x 12 x 20mm long £2.50
16 CP323 Trunnion Slide ( x2 ) P.O.A
17 CP322 Trunnion Trapping Plate ( x2 ) P.O.A
18 K5111112 Cable £54.00
19 K0526113 M6 x 8mm Long Grubscrew for Wadkin XE P.O.A
20 K0527151 Self Locking Nut M6 Price Each £0.50
Self locking nut M8 for Wadkin machine 21 K0527152 Self locking nut M8 for Wadkin machine P.O.A
Lock nut M10 for Wadkin machine 22 K0527110 Lock nut M10 for Wadkin machine P.O.A
Hexagon nut M8 on Wadkin machines 23 K0527102 Hexagon nut M8 on Wadkin machines £0.20
24 K0528102 Washer M6 £0.25
Plain washer M10 for Wadkin machine 25 K0528104 Plain washer M10 for Wadkin machine £0.50
26 K0511501 Fibre Washer M6 ( x 2 ) P.O.A
27 K3073530 Threaded Bar M6 x 100mm long P.O.A
28 K0528103 Washer M8 - Price Each £0.25
29 CP3699 Trunnion For Wadkin CP Panel Saw P.O.A
30 K0525518 Hex.Hd.Screw M8 x 30mm long - Price Each £0.95

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Where your enquiry relates to a specific machine or machine spares, please supply machine test number and machine serial number (if known)
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