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Dresser Location Lock

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
1 NN328 End stop screw for Wadkin Visage £74.00
2 K0527111 Hex.Locknut M12 For Wadkin Moulder £0.25
3 K3005104 Bush for Wadkin Visage £4.00
4 K0526541 M10 X 40 dog screw for Wadkin Visage £0.50
Lock nut M10 for Wadkin machine 5 K0527110 Lock nut M10 for Wadkin machine P.O.A
6 K0526268 M10 x 55mm Long Stud for Wadkin XE £3.25
7 K5127139 Locking Knob £7.25
8 NN329 Threaded lock for Wadkin Visage £88.00
9 NN330 Plain lock for Wadkin Visage £92.50
10 K0526240 M8 X 60 stud for Wadkin Visage £2.75
11 K5127197 M8 Handle for Wadkin Grinder £10.50

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