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HT Delta 1.13/16 & 50mm 2nd Bottom Spindle Assembly

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Quantity
1 GA18587 1,13/16inch Horizontal Spindle For Wadkin Moulder £895.00
1 GA19523 50mm Horizontal Spindle £895.00
2 GA3774 Spindle Barrel £487.00
Anit Spin Washer (Where Fitted) for Wadkin XE 3 GA4788 Anit Spin Washer (Where Fitted) for Wadkin XE £22.50
5 GA8674 Spindle Pulley £215.00
6 K0525546 Hex.Head Screw M12 x 40mm long £0.95
7 GA7702 Pulley Spigot for Spindle for Wadkin XE £44.50
8 K0523162 12mm x 8mm x 50mm Long Parallel Key for Wadkin XE P.O.A
9 K0601510 Bearings for Wadkin XE £334.00
10 K3073996 Disc Springs £9.15
11 K3009945 Internal Snapc Ring BR95 P.O.A
12 K3053352 Split Wear Ring 93mm x 90mm x 30mm £44.00
13 GA16382 Brass Pad P.O.A
14 GA9737 Lockshaft £98.00
15 K0601169 Paired Bearing, Kluber Greased Packed £309.00
16 GA1707 Nut For Spindle Barrel £78.00
17 GA1708 Nut For Spindle Front Bearing £115.50

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