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HT Delta 1.13/16 & 50mm Near Side Head Spindle Assembly

Where available, we have listed below the most common spare parts for your machine to order directly from this page.

If the part you require is not listed below, please open a copy of the Wadkin HT Delta Manual , note the page and reference number of the part your require, and complete the form below.

Also please indicated the Machine Test And Serial Number where ever possible.

Regards the "Wadkin Bursgreen Spares Team"

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
Anit Spin Washer (Where Fitted) for Wadkin XE 2 GA4788 Anit Spin Washer (Where Fitted) for Wadkin XE £23.95
Nut For Spindle Front Bearing 3 GA1708 Nut For Spindle Front Bearing £119.00
Nut For Spindle Barrel 4 GA1707 Nut For Spindle Barrel £78.00
5 K0601169 Paired Bearing, Kluber Greased Packed £312.00
6 GA3774 Spindle Barrel £615.00
7 GA18585 1,13/16" Vertical Spindle £698.00
7 GA19524 50mm Vertical Spindle £765.00
Disc Springs 8 K3073996 Disc Springs £9.15
Bearings for Wadkin XE 9 K0601510 Bearings for Wadkin XE £334.00
10 K0523162 12mm x 8mm x 50mm Long Parallel Key for Wadkin XE £0.50
11 GA20940 Spindle Pulley Enquire
Pulley Spigot for Spindle for Wadkin XE 12 GA7702 Pulley Spigot for Spindle for Wadkin XE £44.50
13 K0525546 M12 x 40mm Long Hexagon Head Setscrew for Wadkin XE £1.00

Spare Parts Enquiry Form

Simply fill in the form below and press submit and we will get back to you shortly regarding your enquiry.

Where your enquiry relates to a specific machine or machine spares, please supply machine test number and machine serial number (if known)
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