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HT Delta Skid Pressure At FSH - Pneumatic

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
1 GA16185 Side Pressure Bracket £388.50
2 GA17391 Tenon For Side Pressure £6.00
3 K0526298 Screwed Stud M10 x 55mm long Enquire
4 GA16184 Piston for Side Pressure £89.80
5 K0529171 Dowel Pin 12mm Dia x30mm Long Enquire
6 GA6420 Pivot Pin for Wadkin XE £45.00
7 GA17402 Shoe For NSH Skid Pressure £497.00
Bronze bush OD 25mm x ID 20mm 8 K0531540 Bronze bush OD 25mm x ID 20mm £3.50
9 GA16183 Cylinder For Side Pressure £129.00
10 K3069288 O'Ring £4.50
11 K0520507 Taper Pin for Wadkin XE £3.50
Swivel Elbow 1/8 12 K3063153 Swivel Elbow 1/8 £7.75
M12 Hex.Nut 13 K0527104 M12 Hex.Nut £0.75
14 K0528114 M12 Large Washer for Wadkin XE £0.50

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