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Manual Head Tilt Assembly

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Quantity
1 K0950105 Nipple for Wadkin Visage P.O.A
2 NN217 Adj. nut for head cant for Wadkin Silhouette £138.00
3 NN322 Adj. screw for Wadkin Visage £113.00
4 K0528209 Loose Collar 16 X 28 X 12 Long for Wadkin NV £11.25
5 NN218 Adj. screw mount for cant for Wadkin Silhouette £112.00
6 NXU316 Collar for Wadkin Visage £21.00
7 NXU424 Handwheel Plastic 13mm Square for Wadkin NV £59.00
8 K0604133 Thrust bearing for Wadkin Silhouette £19.92
9 NN323 Scale mounting for Wadkin Visage P.O.A
10 NN275 Cant scale for Wadkin Visage £29.00
11 NN324 Pointer mounting for Wadkin Visage P.O.A
12 NN288 Pointer for scale for Wadkin Visage P.O.A

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