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Riving Knife Assembly

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
Riving Knife For Wadkin 10in & 12in Sawbench for Wadkin SP/AGS/BRT 1 S25358 Riving Knife For Wadkin 10in & 12in Sawbench for Wadkin SP/AGS/BRT £90.25
2 S25368 Pressure Plate for Wadkin SP130 £61.00
3 S25369 Rear Clamp Plate for Wadkin SP130 £69.00
4 S25370 Front Clamp Plate for Wadkin SP130 £89.00
5 S25537 Clamp Screw for Wadkin SP130 £23.00
6 S25551 Slide Plate Assembly for Wadkin SP130 £329.00
7 S25550 Riving Knife Pivot Bracket For Wadkin Saw(S25-550) £267.50
8 S25363 Rise and Fall Link Plate for Wadkin SP130 £65.00
9 BG393 Yellow Extraction Adaptor (not shown on illustration) for Wadkin SP130 £85.00
10 BG495 CE Riving Knife Mounted Extraction Hood for Wadkin SP130 £221.00
11 BG496 Adjustable Side Plate For CE Riving Knife Mounted Saw for Wadkin SP130 £47.00
12 S25552 Link Plate Pivot Pin for Wadkin SP130 £59.00
13 S25376 M12 Special Locknut for Wadkin SP130 £7.75
14 K3009148 12mm External Circlip for Wadkin SP130 £1.95
15 K0525190 Hex,Skt.Capscrew M8 x 35mm long £0.95
16 S25359 Riving Knife Guide Plate for Wadkin SP130 £219.00
17 K0520481 M4 x 16mm Long Tension Pin for Wadkin SP130 £3.75

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