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Single Side Roller Pressure Unit

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
1 GA128 Single Side Roller Side Pressure Bracket P.O.A
2 GA103 Roller Pin P.O.A
3 GA110 Pressure Roller £105.00
4 GA111 Sliding Shaft P.O.A
Spring 5 WA438 Spring P.O.A
6 K0525545 Hex.Heaad Screw M12 x 35mm long P.O.A
Plain Washer M12 on Wadkin machines 7 K0528105 Plain Washer M12 on Wadkin machines £0.50
8 K3062338 Nylon Domed Plug, Black 8mm hole P.O.A
External Circlip 20mm 9 K3009276 External Circlip 20mm P.O.A
Bearing 10 K0601121 Bearing £16.75
11 K0520535 Tension Pin 8 dia. X 30mm long P.O.A
12 K0520553 Tension Pin 5 dia. X 30mm long P.O.A

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