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Table Assembly NZ300

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
1 NHP205 Mount Plate for Stepper Motor for Wadkin NZ 350 £152.00
2 NHP208 Carriage Plate for Wadkin NZ 300/350 P.O.A
3 NHP209 Carrige Cover for Wadkin NZ 350 £80.00
4 NHP210 Carrige Bellows for Wadkin NZ 350 £408.00
5 NHP218 Cam Plate for Limits for Wadkin NZ 350 £45.00
6 NHP303 Arbor Support for Wadkin NZ 350 £125.12
7 NHP329 Arbor Post RH for Wadkin NZ 350 £289.00
8 NHP346 Arbor shell for Wadkin Silhouette £65.00
9 NHP347 Arbor Post LH for Wadkin NZ 350 £289.00
10 NXUS0033 Limit switch for Wadkin Silhouette P.O.A
11 T0525167 Hex Skt Capscrew M8 X 25mm for Wadkin NV £1.50
12 T3005347 Linear Bearing and Housing for Wadkin NZ 300/350 P.O.A
13 T3005348 Support Rail for Wadkin NZ 300/350 P.O.A
14 T3051110 Gearbox for Wadkin NZ 350 £605.00
15 T3077104 Timing Pulley for Wadkin NZ 300/350 £108.00
16 T3077539 Taper Lock Bush for Wadkin NZ 350 P.O.A

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