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Wadkin CNC Router CC2000 - X Axis Saddle Assembly

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
1 C104 X' Axis Screw Enquire
2 C109 Timing Belt Pulley Enquire
3 C110 Bearing Housing Drive End Enquire
4 C111 Bearing Housing Thrust Cap Enquire
5 C112 Bearing Housing Grease Retainer Enquire
6 C113 Motor Mounting Plate Enquire
7 C114 Motor Mounting Plate Key (Not shown on drawing) Enquire
8 C115 Linear Bearing Housing Enquire
9 C116 Cam Tray For X Axis Enquire
10 C118 Bearing Housing Non-Drive End Enquire
11 C119 Bearing Housing Packing Plate Enquire
12 C121 Nut Housing (32 mm Dia) Spec. Enquire
13 C122 Nut Housing Packing Plate Enquire
14 C125 X' Runway 50 X 42 X 1666 Enquire
15 C131 Jacking Screw Washers Enquire
16 C133 X' Axis Dust Excluder (Not shown on drawing) Enquire
17 C55 Head Frame Jacking Screw Enquire
18 C56 Head Frame Jacking Locknut Enquire
19 C137 Saddles For 'X' Axis Enquire
20 C139 Linear Bearing Shaft 'X' Axis Enquire
21 C141 X' Axis Apron A011812 Enquire
22 C143 Apron Box Left Hand Enquire
23 C144 Apron Box Right Hand Enquire
24 K7040632 BNS 519-B-Z-R-12-62-11 Enquire
25 K7040637 Switch Dogs BNN 502VB 25 Enquire
26 K7018633 Timing Belt 240 H 100 Enquire
27 K7019079 Bush 1315 X 18 MM (Not shown on drawing) Enquire
28 K7019080 Bush 1315 X 16 MM (Not shown on drawing) Enquire
29 K7012565 Bearing ARNB 2052 Enquire
30 K7012055 Bearing 6303 2RS Enquire
31 K7012308 Locknut KM4 Enquire
32 K7012208 Locknut Washer MB 4 Enquire
33 K7012306 Locknut KM 3 (Not shown on drawing) Enquire
34 K7012206 Locknut Washer MB 3 (Not shown on drawing) Enquire
THOMPSON Linear Bearing, SUPER 20 0PN Quick Delivery 35 K7012940 THOMPSON Linear Bearing, SUPER 20 0PN Quick Delivery £45.00
36 K7013180 OPNS 1250 (Not shown on drawing) Enquire

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