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Wadkin CNC Router CC2000 - Z Axis Assembly

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Add to Basket
1 C36 Z' Axis Ballscrew P.O.A
2 C38 Z' Axis Bearing Spacer P.O.A
3 C39 Z' Axis Locknut Spacer P.O.A
4 C42 Z' Axis Housing Top End Cap P.O.A
5 C55 Head Frame Jacking Screw P.O.A
6 C56 Head Frame Jacking Locknut P.O.A
7 C57 Counter Balance Wheel P.O.A
8 C77 Linear Bearing Shaft 'Z' Axis P.O.A
9 C78 Z Axis Nut Housing P.O.A
10 C79 Z Axis Bearing Housing P.O.A
11 C80 Counter Balance Mounting Block P.O.A
12 C81 Counter Balance Shaft P.O.A
13 C82 Counter Balance Cylinder Blocks P.O.A
14 C84 Z Axis Motor Mounting Plate P.O.A
15 C97 Head Limit Switch Cam Tray P.O.A
16 C131 Jacking Screw Washers P.O.A
17 C85 (A) Single Head Frame (IF CC 2000-S) P.O.A
17 C327 (B) Twin Head Frame (IF CC 2000-D) P.O.A
18 C508 Counter Balance Adjuster P.O.A
19 C509 Counter Balance Clevis P.O.A
20 C512 Z Axis Top Left Nut Washer P.O.A
21 C513 Swivel For Adjuster P.O.A
22 UX1112 Bearing Retaining Washer P.O.A
23 K7019080 Bush 1315 X 16 MM (Not shown on drawing) P.O.A
24 K7019079 Bush 1315 X 18 MM (Not shown on drawing) P.O.A
25 K7018633 Timing Belt 240 H 100 P.O.A
26 UX3148 Timing Belt Pulley P.O.A
27 K7012308 Locknut KM4 P.O.A
28 K7012208 Locknut Washer MB 4 P.O.A
29 K7012084 7304 Bearing P.O.A
30 C47 Z Axis Counter Balance Wire Rope P.O.A
31 K7040635 Aluminium Switch BNS 519 C4R16211 P.O.A
32 K7040637 Switch Dogs BNN 502VB 25 P.O.A
33 K7061218 Oil Light Bush FBM 18 X 15 MM P.O.A

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