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Hydro Bore Cutterheads For Multi Head Moulders

 The Stark Hydro-Bore series includes the same high quality standards and features as the smooth-bore series but offers additional benefits for a higher speed and more accurate

performance. Our advanced O-ring construction offers many advantages compared to typical sealed systems:

• Construction allows a higher pressure  to be used evenly down the length of the spindle, which in turn allows increased torque transmission between cutterhead and spindle.

• The increased torque means less chance of slippage; therefore, better surface finish and increased efficiency of the machine.

• The advanced O-ring construction has less likelihood of leakage occurring due to wear in a sealed system; therefore, less likelihood of incurring machine downtime or damage due to loss of pressure.

Standard lengths, angles, bores, and knife slots are offered.

Other sizes are available upon request.

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