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Wadkin Spray Paints

Advanced Machinery Services offers a wide range of aerosol spray paints to match your existing Wadkin equipment.

If you cannot see the shade or size you requie please fill in the Enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Regards the "Wadkin Bursgreen Spares" team

Drawing Ref Part Number Description Price Quantity
1 Wadkin Green/400 400ml Wadkin Green Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50
2 Wadkin Water Blue/400 400ml Wadkin Water Blue Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50
3 Wadkin Light Grey/400 400ml Wadkin Light Grey Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50
4 Wadkin Yellow/400 400ml Wadkin Yellow Gloss Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50
5 Wadkin Dark Grey/400 400ml Wadkin Dark Grey Gloss Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50
6 Wadkin Satin Black/400 400ml Wadkin Black Satin Gloss Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50
7 Wadkin Black Primer/00 400ml Wadkin Black Primer Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50
8 Wadkin Grey Primer/500 500ml Wadkin Grey Primer Aerosol Spray Paint £9.50

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Where your enquiry relates to a specific machine or machine spares, please supply machine test number and machine serial number (if known)
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