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Woodworking Workshop Safety: 7 Essential Tips for a Secure Workspace

In the world of woodworking, safety should always be a priority.

 Whether you're professional or just starting out, prioritising safety is first. Here are seven tips to ensure your woodworking workshop is safe for your projects.

Posted by: Advanced Machinery on March 8th, 2024 @ 4:01 PM

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AMS and HSE Join Forces for Safer Woodworking: A Step Towards Industry-wide Safety

In a recent collaboration reflecting AMS's commitment to safety, they welcomed experts from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Noise and Vibration department at their showroom in Leicestershire to help the woodworking machinery industry.

Posted by: Advanced Machinery on January 19th, 2024 @ 09:58 AM

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Woodworking Machinery Specialists: Planer Moulders, Grinders, and Multi Rip Saws - AMS

As specialists in supplying and supporting multi-sided planers and moulders for decades to the woodworking industry, it makes sense to contact AMS when you are looking to purchase a new moulder, grinder or multi rip saw.

wadkin bursgreen planer moulder woodworking machine

Posted by: Advanced Machinery on April 27th, 2023 @ 10:48 AM

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4 Tips for buying Woodworking Machinery

Are you looking for a classic woodworking machine? We know of first-hand the main problems that you can get if you do not buy a good machine. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you.