Advanced Machinery Services

Advanced Machinery Services: The UK's premier service provider

Advanced Machinery Services has over the last 9 years become one of the most recognisable providers of services to the woodworking United Kingdom.

AMS, have built their business on professionalism and quality of service Building a professional team of quality engineers specialising in service has been the object of the company from day 1.

AMS has engineers based around the United Kingdom to respond to customers within 24 hours.

AMS has a permanent "service hotline" manned by 6 skilled staff 12 hours a day (from 6:30 am until 6:30 pm)

The AMS Team has now grown to 26 staff all fully trained professionals in the industry.

Service Manager Tony Harris commented that because we are always looking forward the commitment was made to invest in 8 apprentices over a 12 month period.

AMS offers woodworking machinery training from basic instruction through to diploma courses

Part of AMS Team at W16 Exhibition

AMS carries a full range of spare parts for almost every Wadkin machine still in service including some more than 50 years old. With a dedicated spares desk, AMS is able to respond and deliver your spares requirement quickly.

In short, AMS offers a big variety of services for different types of companies. It has the capacity for delivering balance to your business.

AMS sells new and used machinery, spare parts, tooling and it has the services of rebuilding old machinery.

We have a dedicated showroom with 28 machines set up and ready to run for demonstrations.

We are already working with various colleges on different projects and working within local communities sponsoring local football teams.

To Summarise AMS are a "Service" Company that sells & Not a Sales Company that Services.

Tel: 08448449949

Posted by: Advanced Machinery on November 25th, 2016 @ 4:49 PM

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