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AMS adds new Wall saws, Grinders and Crosscuts to its Wadkin Bursgreen range

Advanced Machinery Services (AMS) has added three new machine lines to its already impressive portfolio of Wadkin Bursgreen woodworking machinery: wall saws, grinders and new models within their crosscut range.

As a result of numerous requests from customers, AMS has been looking for new machines and models, and one such range they’ve been interested in for a while is that of wall saws.

AMS’ Co Managing Director, Steve McGloin, said: “We have a large range of panel saws, but some of our customers prefer a wall saw due to restricted space in their workshops. For years, we’ve been aware of the machines out there but were looking for a top-quality wall saw that’s safe and can be easily operated as with all our Wadkin Bursgreen machines.”

He continues: “We’ve added the Wadkin Bursgreen Premium 4122 and Standard 4122 wall saws to our ever-expanding panel saw range. The Wadkin Bursgreen wall saws have a powerful main motor and can carry and process the largest jumbo sheets available. The difference between the standard and premium models lies in a digital measuring system, pneumatic locking to the saw head, plus a TRK extraction system, which the Premium 4122 also includes.”

Another field that the Leicestershire-based woodworking company wanted to cover was that of grinders. AMS’ other Co Managing Director, Steve Foster, said: During our 13-year history, we’ve rebuilt and sold many Wadkin NZs and Wadkin Visage grinders, but wanted to have our own Wadkin Bursgreen grinder, featuring the latest state-of-the-art technology.”


Wadkin Bursgreen 4122 premium wall saw

AMS is well known and respected in the timber milling industry, and thanks to the Wadkin pedigree, they’ve since developed the Wadkin Bursgreen 320 NZ automatic straight knife grinder. This new grinder is capable of accepting 320mm long blocks and can process up to 32 knives on a 320mm diameter cutting circle. All actions are controlled from the built-in PLC display and the NZ name is a direct nod towards their Wadkin heritage, which is burnt deep into their DNA.

Finally, the last new products are the Wadkin Bursgreen WB 640 and WB 700 radial arm crosscuts. The already comprehensive Wadkin Bursgreen crosscut range comprises radial arm, up cut, high speed and automatic angle master crosscuts. The new additions will sit nicely either side of the existing classic WB 400 radial arm crosscut and provides the option of processing a greater range of material sizes.


Wadkin Bursgreen WB320NZ auto-straight knife grinder

AMS has over 320 machines in stock with 42 installed in the demonstration area ready for customers to try prior to purchase. If you’d like to book an appointment or request more information, call 0844 844 9949, email or visit the website: You can also get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

Posted by: Advanced Machinery on July 21st, 2021 @ 10:26 AM

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