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AMS fills the gap in the UK market with the new Heavy Duty Straight-line edger and multi-rip range

Advanced Machinery Services is one of the few companies in the UK, that is offering a Straight line edger and multi rip saw range for the Industry.

They are very excited and enthusiastic with their new additions to the Wadkin Bursgreen range.The AMS showroom at Skeffington, Leicestershire

AMS Director Steve Foster said that for many years, there had been a gap in the market for a heavy-duty straight-line edger and He added that their previous employers,Wadkin had put hundreds of the PU Range into the UK Market, but they are now becoming very old and expensive to keep.

When the opportunity came along some 12 months ago to become the UK’s and Ireland’s sole distributors of this new range AMS grasped it with both hands.

AMS Director Steve McGloin said: “We were aware of machines out there but were looking for a top-quality heavy-duty range of saws and multi - rips

AMS placed  orders straight away. The whole range is available to view in their Leicestershire showroom, where you will be able to try, see, touch and ask all the questions that you want.

They have also developed along with the manufacturer special training courses to enable our customers you to use them confidently and speed up the setting process. AMS Engineers are fully trained on the new range and can confidently store and commission your equipment.

If you would like to book an appointment or get more information, please call on 0844 844 9949 or send an email to You can also contact them through Instagram, Facebook,   twitter and Linkedin

Posted by: Advanced Machinery on September 4th, 2019 @ 1:10 PM


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