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AMS helps Steve Burt Woodworking Ltd to improve accuracy and reduce waste

 A few years ago, MD Steve Burt was running his company when AMS Sales manager Brett Pruce visited his workshop in Oadby. Steve explained what he was looking for, and Brett invited him to visit the AMS showroom in Skeffington for a demonstration.

Steve says: "I went to AMS to purchase a manual panel saw and whilst I was there, I saw all the other machines on display and decided to buy a Wadkin Bursgreen P3200 CNC Panel saw, which was great. The AMS showroom is excellent to see, compare and have a demonstration of woodworking machines."

Steve Burt Woodworking is a Leicester-based company with over 35 years' experience of making bespoke furniture, cabinets, kitchens, bedrooms, doors and occasionally front doors in wood for individuals and commercial customers across the country.

 Steve continues: "Before we got the Wadkin Bursgreen P3200 CNC Panel Saw, we were working with a manual panel saw and there was more room for error. With our new CNC panel saw we work more accurately, and it makes our job easier. After one month working on this machine, we realised it was the right choice, and we saved so much time, which is the biggest asset in our business."

Service was a key part of Steve's decision to buy machines from Advanced Machinery Services. He says: "I chose AMS because of the service. You can feel confident getting a machine from them because they have a very good service department backing up the machines, as well as tooling, spare parts and training departments. The whole service was amazing, and the entire process was comforting - they made my life that bit easier.

"Further, when you are making really accurate panels, it has to be perfect or you're going to get gaps - so I would recommend a Wadkin Bursgreen CNC panel saw to anyone"

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Posted by: Advanced Machinery on April 14th, 2020 @ 12:10 AM


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