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AMS – Leading the way in the supply of Woodworking Machinery Parts and Tooling

In the intricate and fast-paced world of joinery and carpentry, every component, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations. Advanced Machinery Services (AMS) stands at the forefront of this vital industry as a premier supplier of spare parts and tooling for woodworking machinery.

 Their comprehensive online store,, offers an extensive range of parts and tooling for everything from classic panel saws and wall saws to robust heavy-duty machines like multi-rip saws, planer moulders, thicknessers, and CNC machines.

Customers can effortlessly order parts online or through the phone, with the convenience of either collecting them from AMS’s facilities free of charge or opting for quick 24- to 48-hour delivery if the items are in stock.

AMS's journey into the spare parts sector is deeply rooted in a rich legacy.

The company began its venture into selling spare parts after acquiring the intellectual property rights to Wadkin's renowned woodworking machinery.

As one of the directors of AMS explains, “Many of our employees and both of our directors are former Wadkin professionals. We have a huge knowledge of these machines – from the parts they need to how they are repaired, serviced, and rebuilt.”

This deep expertise ensures that AMS provides precisely what their customers need, backed by decades of hands-on experience.

 Over the years, AMS has significantly expanded its inventory. Today, it is not just about Wadkin. Now, they can now supply parts for machinery from Bridgeport, Wadkin Bursgreen, Stenner, Brookman, Leadermac, Robinson, Weinig, Striebig, Rojek, Sedgwick, Holzher, Elcon, Startrite, Axminster, Robland, Felder, Hammer, and many more. This extensive selection means that AMS is capable of supporting almost any woodworking machine, ensuring that workshops around the world can remain operational without delays.

Ian, from the parts department said: “We understand the importance of keeping our clients' machinery up and running without interruption. That’s why our spare parts department works relentlessly to ensure that orders are processed quickly and accurately.

He continues: "From the moment we receive a request, we identify the required part, prepare the parcel, and send it as soon as possible. If a part is no longer available on the market, we even have the capability to manufacture it for our customers.”

This dedication to service and customer support is what sets AMS apart in the industry.

AMS’s reach extends far beyond the UK and Ireland. The company proudly ships parts and tooling worldwide, making their top-quality products and services accessible to woodworkers everywhere.

Besides spare parts, AMS offers an extensive range of tooling solutions, including circular saw blades, planer blades, cutter heads, Stark tooling, and essential workshop equipment like coolants, grease, roll tables, and power feeds.

AMS invites woodworking professionals to explore their new website,, where they can browse the extensive e-shop or contact the parts department directly at 0116 259 8900.

By focusing on the needs of their customers and providing unparalleled service and expertise, AMS continues to be a trusted partner in the woodworking industry. For those who demand reliability and quality, AMS is the name to remember.

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