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AMS to celebrate its second Spring Fest event in May

Advanced Machinery Services is holding its second Spring Fest edition from the 15-16th of May in Skeffington, Leicestershire, where visitors will find the new Wadkin Bursgreen multi rip saw range, more than 35 machines on display, experts showing how the machines work, a Stark tooling exhibition and special discount vouchers for the assistants.

Thye company is frequently adding new machinery to its range and improving its services, showroom and support for its customers. 

AMS director Steve McGloin says: “We like to organise this type of exhibition at our place because our customers and friends can try our Wadkin Bursgreen machines and check for themselves the safety, quality and how easy to operate they are.”

New heavy-duty multi rip saw

The most recent addition to the company’s impressive Wadkin Bursgreen range is a new heavy-duty multi rip saw – ready to demonstrate to interested visitors.

The new Wadkin Bursgreen multi rip saw

Steve McGloin says: “We are delighted to show all our visitors our new WB 120 multi rip saw because it was a suggestion from our customers. We like to listen to our customers and ask them what they need in their workshops to have success, and then we try to get it for them.”

There will be a large range of planer moulders, high speed crosscuts, panel saws, many Wadkin classical machines and much more on show.

AMS’ May event will see a display of Stark tooling

All the machines on display will be available to purchase so it is an advantage for visitors that they will be able to get them in their workshop only days later – and not have to wait for ages, which sometimes happens in this industry.

Steve says: “We like to organise at least two exhibitions in our showroom in Leicestershire every year, because we like to invite our customers to our home to thank them once more for trusting us and to show them all the new machines and services that we are adding to our range. It’s always nice to see them and have a chat, face-to-face, not always through email or phone – we like to take care of customers and offer them the best engineers, services and support.”

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