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Is it worth adding a power feed to my Spindle Moulder?

Our Wadkin Bursgreen Experts, who have been working with spindle moulders and power feeds for a lot of years, recommend them.


Because using a power feed on a spindle moulder is safer for the operator and for the results.

1. The Power Feed unit ensures a smooth passage of the component through the woodworking machine giving an improved finish and consistency.

2. The unit also adds to the safe operation of a spindle moulder which is very important to your operator.

3. Power Feeds for woodworking machines are powerful and can be adjusted to accommodate any shape of component with the universal joint on the stand arm.

From Wadkin Bursgreen, we recomend our Wadkin Bursgreen AF34 unit because you can fit it onto most manufacturers spindle moulders (SCM, Felder, Wadkin, Wilson, Martin etc.)

The Wadkin Bursgreen AF34 power feed unit can be purchased separately to the stand if required. More information on the picture below: 

Posted by: Advanced Machinery on November 29th, 2021 @ 12:46 AM

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