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4 Side Moulder Setting & Operation Training Course


Basic understanding of wood; Completion of Wadkin Bursgreen Moulder Knife and Profile Grinding strongly recommend

Course Description

Students receive comprehensive instruction on moulder setup, operation, template procedures, tool referencing and machine preventative maintenance. The course begins with a review of machine safety protocol and then progresses to machine terminology, identifying the different types of moulders, cutter head styles, feed beam, beds & various fence functions and adjustments, rollers, guides, and the feed system components (consisting of the drive motor, Carden drive, gear boxes, drive feed wheels, springs and air cylinders).

The course also focuses on identifying wood warping types and the properties of wood. This understanding helps woodworkers differentiate between natural wood flaws and machining defects requiring troubleshooting such as snipes, tear outs, burns, chatter, and lines. Machine operation instruction includes manual vs. dial in setup and alternative use of the Radius Compensation for radius and finish size, key switches, feed speed adjustments, and spindle buttons. Selection of the appropriate tooling and feed rates based on wood species and desired finish texture are emphasized. Use of the  Setting Systems to reference the axial and radial points are demonstrated along with setting the chip breaker and pressure shoe. 

Job Function

Operations, Machine Setters, Toolroom Staff

Will Learn

Safely and accurately setup a moulder. Properly operate moulder for consistency and quality. Minimize wasted wood by correctly referencing tooling. Identify and troubleshoot material defects.

Who Should Attend

Operators, tool room technicians, owners, supervisors, and maintenance personnel


Delivered at....

  • Customers Own Site
  • Bristol Academy
  • Leicester Academy

Applicable Machine Models

  • Wadkin Bursgreen Moulders
  • Weenig Moulders
  • Leadermac Moulders
  • Gau Jing Moulders

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