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Chainsaw Training Course

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This specialised Chainsaw Training Course is a one-day training course for individuals focused on cross-cutting, delivering essential skills and knowledge for both efficient chainsaw uses and maintenance.

If you use a Chainsaw at work and you need a legal certificate, you are in the right place!

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FAQs about our Chainsaw Training Course:

1. Where is this Chainsaw Training Course?

Our Chainsaw Operator Training Courses offered nationwide in the UK.

Choose on-site training at your company or attend at our LE7 9YE facility. Monthly Chainsaw Training Day available.

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2. What certificate will I achieve after completing the chainsaw training course?

Upon successful completion of the chainsaw training course, get an accredited Legal Certificate for Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting valid for 5 years. Expect a printed diploma within 7-10 days.

3. Do Chainsaw Operators need specific clothes?

By law, Operators must wear proper chainsaw protective clothing during chainsaw use for enhanced safety.

You need to bring your own PPE for the training.

4. Do you offer chainsaw felling and processing trees up to 380 mm training courses?

Currently, our Chainsaw Training courses focus on Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting. We do not offer specific training for chainsaw felling and processing trees up to 380 mm at this time.

By law, all the operators using a chainsaw at work must undergo professional Chainsaw Training for a required Accredited Certificate. No exemptions.

If you have any questions or would like to book your chainsaw training course for cross-cutting and maintenance, please feel free to contact us.


I did the chainsaw training course in the AMS facilities in February and it was a really good experience. Simon was very informative and explained everything clearly. My favorite part, the practicum!
Colin Harris (March 2023)
Very good instructions by an experienced person, friendly and knowledgeable.
Charlie Manley (March 2023)

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