Advanced Machinery Services

Woodworking Machining, Assessment Of Competence

Courses for individuals / businesses who wish to be proactive in ensuring personnel retain competency in the safe use of woodworking machinery

All courses are tailored to the requirements of the individual and/or business needs.

Regulation 9, The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations require every employer to ensure that all employees who use work equipment have received suitable and sufficient training and have demonstrated competence in their safe use.

Refresher training to be taken every 3 to 5 years to maintain personnel competency in line with current HSE guidance.

Your course will include

• selection of most suitable machine

• selection and setting of guards

• use of safety devices

• selection and setting of tooling

• legal requirements

• safe setting and using of machine

• productivity improvement


• Woodwise Certificate of Competence


• Dependant upon individual competency and number of machines


• Completion of Woodwise units will contribute evidence towards the NVQ Diploma L2 in Machine Woodworking


• Courses within Woodwise Academy - POA
• Courses within the workplace - POA

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