Advanced Machinery Services

A one-stop shop for everything you need in the Woodworking Industry

AMS is one of the few British companies that provide a comprehensive service within the woodworking machinery industry. They work tirelessly every day to ensure their customers can have all their workshop issues solved by a professional team by contacting just one company.

The company that owns the Wadkin Bursgreen trademark and the Intellectual property for all moulders and grinders manufactured by Wadkin Ltd, supports you from the first spare part enquiry to the whole machine solution, including specialized service, relocation and safety training.

AMS is a service company operating in the UK and sells parts, tooling, and equipment all over the world. Thanks to their website ( and eBay shop, they can assist woodworkers from anywhere in the world in fixing their woodworking machines with the replacements and parts available in their extensive catalogue.

If you encounter an issue with a machine in the UK, AMS can send one of their engineers, all strategically located throughout the UK, to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

The AMS Service department can help you with breakdowns, repairs, maintenance, as well as the removal/relocation of machines and the rebuilding of your existing woodworking machines.

This is made possible thanks to the specialist team they have. Their Service Team comprises:

  • Engineers spread across the UK to manage repairs, installations, and maintenance.
  • A group of specialists in the office managing all the engineers and addressing problems by phone and email.
  • A team of engineers in the workshop in Leicestershire who rebuild and refurbish valuable machines from various brands of manufacturer

Ongoing, if the customer needs replacement parts, they can purchase them online in the AMS online shop or the customers can order them through the in-house parts department.

AMS offers a fantastic range of machinery spare parts for various models and specifications of machinery supplied from across the world.

Most of the people working at AMS are former Wadkin engineers and workers. Using their extensive industry experience and knowledge, all our Machinery Spare Parts are specifically developed to ensure reliability and provide complete peace of mind.

It is essential to have a workshop ready for work, but even more important is to have the knowledge to work safely in it. For that, AMS has a team of specialized trainers throughout the UK and Ireland.

To build a training team that works to the standards that AMS require was not an easy task but we can now finally say we have the ideal training team in place.


Advanced Machinery also offers a range of certified courses for all makes and models of woodworking machinery, catering for both experienced and novice users.

These training programs encompass classical machines, heavy-duty machines, and chainsaws.

Simon, an AMS trainer, emphasizes the importance of operator training, stating, "Beyond being a legal requirement by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), training brings significant benefits to your company. It enhances safety standards, elevates quality, and strengthens your reputation."

If you require new equipment for your workshop, AMS offers a wide range of woodworking machines, with most of them in stock and on display in their showroom in Leicestershire.

Steve, the sales director, expresses, "We understand how crucial it is to keep production flowing in a busy woodworking workshop. That's why we strive to have most of the machines from our Wadkin Bursgreen Catalogue readily available for our customers."

They also offer the opportunity to "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY." You are welcome to experience interactive demos of their Wadkin Bursgreen machines and consult with their experts regarding your workshop's requirements.

Also, you can bring your timber, use the machines, and determine if they are the best option for your business.

After the purchase, if the customer desires, AMS manages the delivery, installation, and commissioning.