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AMS continue to offer Certified training Courses for All Woodworking Machinery Brands and Models Across the UK

Woodworking is a craft that demands precision, skill, and a deep understanding of the machinery involved.

At AMS, along with the Wadkin Bursgreen Training Academy, they offer a comprehensive selection of Certified Courses tailored to suit all brands and models of Woodworking Machinery, Chainsaws, Straight knife, and Profile Grinders.

Simon, a dedicated trainer within the Wadkin Bursgreen academy, said: "We are dedicated to provide comprehensive woodworking machinery training, regardless of the operator's experience, machine make and model."

He continued: "Our daily efforts are focused on providing the best safety training on woodworking machinery in the UK. We train on panel saws, spindle moulders, crosscuts, bandsaws, rip saws, planers, thicknessers, grinders and Planer moulders. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of brands like Wadkin, Weinig, Leadermac, SCM, Gau- Jing, Wadkin Bursgreen and much more.”

Access to the AMS training is available across the UK.

Normally, the trainer travels to your workshop and delivers the training in your facility on your machines to make sure that the trainees understand them perfectly. Alternatively, you can come to AMS in Skeffington for training at the Wadkin Bursgreen Academy, a choice that AMS offers to all its customers.

At AMS, every training program is customized to match each client's unique requirements.

They begin by understanding the specific business and machinery in use, along with the operators' experience. This enables AMS to design a training program that precisely fits each company's needs.

Safety, quality, and reputation are paramount in any business.

Steve, AMS training director, underlines the importance of operator training, saying: "Beyond being a legal mandate by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), training gives significant benefits for your company. It improves safety standards, elevates quality, and fortifies your reputation."

He continues: “Through the General Woodworking Machinery Training course, your operators will acquire extensive knowledge about the machines they use daily. This specialised training program not only emphasizes safety but also empowers your team to understand how the machinery works optimizing the quality of the process, preventing breakdowns and production stoppages”.

Unfortunately, woodworking-related accidents continue to be a concern that they could avoid in 99% of the cases if those concerned had received the appropriate training.

For over 15 years, AMS has been dedicated to providing woodworking training courses, collaborating with schools and colleges. In 2022, they proudly introduced their independent training academy in Leicestershire, equipped with their own trainers, machinery, materials, and methodologies.

Luke, trainer in Wadkin Bursgreen: “Opting for a respected training provider such as Wadkin Bursgreen ensures that your employees receive training of the highest quality and guarantees your business's adherence to UK law”.

Renewing and certifying operators training stands out as one of the most potent methods to ensure the safety and protection of both your employees and yourself.

To explore your training needs further, contact a member of the AMS team at We guarantee a formal quote within 24 hours.

Additional details about the Wadkin Bursgreen Training Academy are available on our company website:

Don't leave your safety to chance – Contact to AMS and elevate your woodworking machinery skills today.

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