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Top 4 Woodworking Machines for Your Joinery Workshop

In a joinery workshop, having the right machines can make all the difference. Here are four essential machines that you'd often find in a joinery workshop:

Surface Planer/Thicknesser:

This machine ensures that all the bits of wood for the joiners end up the same thickness with a nice, smooth surface. It's like the magic wand of your workshop, making sure your wood looks just right. You can get 2 machines: 1 thicknesser and 1 planer or both of them in one, like our Wadkin Bursgreen Planer Thicknesser.


Wallsaw/Panel Saw:

A vital tool in any joinery workshop, the Wadkin Bursgreen wallsaw or Wadkin Bursgreen panel saw performs perfect in delivering precise cuts in various wooden pieces. Its versatility allows for efficient cutting, whether you're working with large sheets or smaller sections, streamlining your cutting tasks with precision and accuracy. They can be manual or Automatic.

Spindle Moulder:

The Spindle Moulder helps the woodworkers to shape the edges of their wood pieces, adding fancy designs and details. Perfect for giving their projects that special touch of style. You can get these machines with sliding table and power feed. There are different type of spindle moulders depending the works that you need to do. In Wadkin Bursgreen, we have these 4 models:


The bandsaw serves as an indispensable tool for the carpenters in their workshop. It has the capability to execute various wood cutting techniques, including straight and curved cuts, catering to a range of woodworking needs. The bandsaw is essential for specific designs and ensuring your projects achieve a distinctive and standout quality. here are different sizes. In Wadkin Bursgreen, we have 4 sizes: WB500,600,700 and 800.

These four machines, including the mortiser, are like the superheroes of a joinery workshop. Depending on the type of projects you do, you might also want to think about other tools like a router, circular saw, or a sander. Have a think about what fits your workshop's needs and if you need help, contact us on

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