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Wadkin Bursgreen New Catalogue: Elevating Woodworking to New Heights

Wadkin Bursgreen, the renowned woodworking machinery supplier, has launched its latest catalogue, with new machines and models to cover all their customer's demands.

Wadkin Bursgreen has long been associated with quality, precision, and innovation in the woodworking industry. Their extensive product lineup covers a wide range of machines, tools and equipment, ranging from bandsaws, crosscuts, and planer moulders to dust extraction units and much more.

In this editorial, we're thrilled to showcase some of the new products from the catalogue, focusing on four machine categories:

1. Panel Saws: Precise Cutting

Panel saws are an essential tool in any woodworking workshop, and Wadkin Bursgreen has raised the bar by introducing two new models with sliding tables. These new offerings, a 1.6-meter sliding table and a 2.6-meter sliding table manual panel saw, are the latest additions to our existing lineup.

These sliding tables make it easier to cut wood accurately.

2. Multi Rip Saws: Faster Work

Efficiency is crucial, and Wadkin Bursgreen understands this well. Their latest addition, the "FasTrack Multi Rip Saw," is designed to make your workload more manageable. This machine is engineered to streamline the process, ensuring your projects progress swiftly and accurately.

3. Planer Moulders: Custom Woodworking

Wadkin Bursgreen's planer moulders have always been known for their quality, and now they're taking it up a notch.  In the Wadkin Bursgreen Planer Moulder Range you will find standard and easy set planer moulders.

With an "easy set" option for all their 4, 5 and 6 head machines and the ability to bespoke your planer moulder to fit your unique needs, woodworking projects will be smoother, more efficient, and tailored to your exact specifications.

4. Grinders: Sharp Tools

A keen edge is the signature of any woodworking machinist, and Wadkin Bursgreen has acknowledged this by introducing the "WB320NZ – AUTO-STRAIGHT KNIFE GRINDER."

This new grinder promises to keep your tools in peak condition, ensuring that your creations are consistently of the utmost quality.

This grinder is automatic operation, allowing you to leave the machine running while you do another task simultaneously.

The "WB320NZ" joins the other top grinders in the Wadkin Bursgreen range, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining your tools and achieving high-quality results with ease.

But there's more in their catalogue than just machines. They've added new equipment like the "CASS1025/40 stand" for measuring cutterheads and single extraction units. It shows that they want to help you with all aspects of woodworking.

One of the great things about Wadkin Bursgreen is that when you buy a machine from them, you also get their support. They'll be there to help you with parts, training, maintenance, and services. They'll even train your employees to use the machine that they install in your workshop. They've got your back in all the ways a woodworking workshop would need.

Wadkin Bursgreen's new catalogue is all about improving woodworking tools and support. With new machines, extra gear, and a reliable partnership, they're not just a tool supplier, they are your partner. So, trust Wadkin Bursgreen, and your woodworking journey will be a breeze.

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