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Woodworking Machine Refresher Training Courses

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Wadkin Bursgreen is a leading provider of Woodworking Machinery Training.  As a specialist provider, we can provide training on a range of machines for Experienced and Novice users. Unit and modular approach to allow individuals to receive training on woodworking machines. All courses are tailored to the requirements of the individual and/or business needs.
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When do I need to refresher my Woodworking Training Certificate?

Woodworking machine refresher training should be taken every 3 to 5 years to maintain personnel competency in line with current HSE guidance.

Why do you offer Refresher Woodworking Training Courses?

Any employee who uses, assists, cleans and maintains woodworking machinery (no matter how infrequently) requires by law an accredited certificate of competence on the woodworking machinery he/she may be asked to use.

 Are there any exemptions?

No, any employee that uses your woodworking machinery must be trained.

What qualification will I receive?

When you fininsh the woodworking training course, you receive a fully accredited certificate of competence. As soon as you pass your training, you get a legal certificate of the training course. After 7-10 days, you receive a print diploma.

 Are you nationwide?

Yes, our training courses are available in the whole of the UK

 Will this affect my production?

Every effort is made to work around production needs but the candidate would have to concentrate on the course.

 Where does this happen?

Generally, these woodworking machinery courses are delivered in your own facility. You have the option to have it in our training academy showroom in Leicestershire.

 What are the costs?

Each course is bespoke and a quote would be issued when all the information is collated by our training manager. Please, complete the questionnaire below to get a quotation in 24 hours.


  • Selection of most suitable machine
  • Selection and setting of guards
  • Use of safety devices
  • Selection and setting of tooling
  • Legal requirements
  • Safe setting and using of machine
  • Productivity improvement

Training can include all classical sawing, planing, moulding, shaping and jointing machines.


Regulation 9, The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations require every employer to ensure that all employees who use woodwork equipment have received suitable and sufficient training. Refresher training to be taken every 3 to 5 years to maintain personnel competency in line with current HSE guidance.

Complete the questionnaire below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Demonstrating on the machines, making me feel more confident when using them. All was spot on!
John Parker (March 2023)
The trainer was fantastic. He explained everything in a simple way. Answered all my questions. I really recommend this course.
David Jones (September 2022)

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