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Straight Knife & Profile Grinding Training Course

The Straight Knife & Profile Grinding Training Course has 1 review(s) with an average rating of 5 out of 5.


Basic understanding of wood; Completion of Wadkin Bursgreen Moulders - Operation course strongly recommend

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Course Description

Grinders save time & money, and prolong the life of solid wood machinery by allowing shops to re-sharpen straight knives and grind new profiles in-house.

Students learn:

  • Safety
  • Proper setup
  • Operation of all knife grinding machinery with insight into faster changeovers, record keeping, storage, optimizing production, and machine preventative maintenance.
  • Instruction begins with an overview of the machine and grinding terminology, then addresses identification and selection of grinder wheel types, proper steel and tool grades, as well as cutting angles for specific wood species and desired finish texture.
  • The course also addresses manual setup with callipers vs. Setting System to reference axial and radial points on the knife heads.

Attention is given to template specifications in relation to knives, positioning templates and achieving balance in the cutter head assembly. Also, Includes an introduction to CNC Template Machinery

Job Function

Operations, Tool Room

Will Learn

  • Proper grinding safety, setup and, operation procedures.
  • Grade selection and steel dimension based on desired finish.
  • Manual setup vs. Setting System to reference axial and radial points on the knife head.
  • Documentation and management of raw materials and tooling.
  • Preventative maintenance.

Who Should Attend

Operators, tool room technicians, owners, supervisors, and maintenance personnel

Applicable Machine Models

  • Wadkin Profile Knife Grinders
  • Weinig Profile Knife Grinder
  • Leadermac Profile Knife Grinders
  • Autool Profile Knife Grinders

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The trainer was so knowledgeable and easy going. We learned skills and ideas - brilliant tutor - Very good course
Sam Bruce (March 2023)

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