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Answering Your Questions About Bandsaws

The most frequently asked questions about bandsaws answered by the experts in woodworking machinery and services at Advanced Machinery Services.

What bandsaw should I buy?

As with most Industrial woodworking machines it is important to choose wisely. In our opinion these 4 things are very important:

  1. Look for a heavy-duty robust machine from a reputable knowledgeable supplier such as Wadkin Bursgreen.
  2. Select the correct size of machine for your current and future production.
  3. Ensure that spare parts are readily available and
  4. The supplier has their own team of engineers.

What is the difference between “Bandsaws” and “Resaws”?

The main difference between bandsaws and resaws is the width of the blade.

  • Most “Narrow” blade bandsaws have a maximum blade width of approximately 40mm and can accept blades down to 8mm and are used for shaped and straight work.
  • “Wide” blade resaws have a range of 70mm to 150mm wide blades exclusively for straight ripping of solid timber.

What size bandsaw should I buy?

In general terms the size of a bandsaw is governed by the size of main wheels and modern machines tend to come in 500mm, 600mm, 700mm and 800mm forms this gives you the size between the blade and the body of the machine. The cutting height under the guides vary from 400mm to 500mm. Again, ask for advice from your supplier.

Can a bandsaw cut metal?

In general terms a woodworking bandsaw with the correct tooling (Blade) can cut light aluminium and plastics but there are specialist metal, foam, and meat cutting machines on the market.

Why are bandsaw wheels crowned?

Bandsaw wheels are crowned (Curved) to ensure the correct tracking of the blade eliminating wandering of the blade. Over a period of time the rubber tyre will deteriorate and need replacing and a reputable supplier like Advanced Machinery Services will offer a service exchange on refurbished wheels (You send us your worn wheels and we send you a refurbished set reducing the time your machine is out of action).

If you are looking for a new bandsaw or resaw you can see our Wadkin Bursgreen catalogue on the link below:


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